Why Chemistry Is Part of Any Well-Rounded Education

The first people who started recording the results of chemical experiments were the ancient Greeks. Ancient Greek scientists came up with the concept of “the elements” and they came up with some early models of the atom. Naturally, they didn’t have the technology available to get it all correct, but they laid the foundations.

For some students, it’s clear why chemistry is a requirement. Nursing students, medical students, most engineers, and those majoring in the sciences need to know the fundamentals of chemistry. Some students need to have an extensive education in chemistry to satisfy their graduation requirements. But even a literature major can benefit from the study of chemistry. It is one of the fundamental sciences, and it can improve anyone’s scientific literacy, which is good whether you’re dissecting Shakespeare’s plays or the structure of a new drug.

The study of chemistry teaches you academic discipline, and once you finish the course, you have a very real sense of having accomplished something. The analytical skills and the patience you learn from taking a chemistry class will benefit you no matter your course of study. And there have been lots of students who initially dread chemistry only to find out that they really enjoy it.

In chemistry class, you’ll be using the skills you’ve developed in basic science classes, and your mathematical skills. Chemistry in engineering You’ll also develop your skills in logic, and if you plan to go into academia or law, logical skills are paramount. Chemistry also involves a certain amount of plain memorization, but you memorized your multiplication tables way back when, and you are definitely capable of doing the memorization required in chemistry class.

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