What to Look For When Hiring a Graphic Designer

By | May 31, 2020

We all know that great graphics lure your customers into your website and boosts sales beyond all recognition. But how do you find a graphic designer who is capable of creating the images that will suit and sell your product? Within this article we will be considering how to sort the chaff from the wheat and how you can spot a great graphic designer.

When you are browsing the World Wide Web for a great graphic designer, you will notice promptly that the market is saturated. Unfortunately, not all graphic designers are professional and capable of bringing your vision to life.

Here are our Top Tips for getting a great graphic designer:

Look at the quality of their website!

This sounds way too obvious doesn’t it? And yet you would be amazed to see how lax some graphic designers’ websites are. They are lax and ill thought through. Even if the chosen theme of the website isn’t to your personal taste, consider how the designer allows the themes and ideas to flow through, consider the positioning of images, the use of colours and whether the designer has used their understanding of graphology to emphasis their product. Many will not have done this, but those that have will be evident.

Creativity and innovation:

It is a graphic designers’ role to help transform your ideas into reality. Now, this is by no means an easy task, and may take several attempts to get it perfect. like here A great graphic designer can take the weakest of suggestions and create a strong and powerful image – and they will be happy to re work this until it is spot on…regardless of how long it takes. Some graphic designers offer a limited amount of revisions on the graphics, yet the true professionals offer unlimited. These companies are hard to find, but I promise, they are out there! Unlimited revisions scream “perfectionist!” and that can only be a good thing!


Not “University Challenge” knowledge, but rather a knowledge of the market; what works and what doesn’t and which graphics will enable your product to be successful. Great graphic designers have been in their field for years and will have built up an understanding of product placement and how these can subtly (or not so subtly, depending on the clients’ needs) be integrated into artistic designs.


Ever heard “Time is Money”? Of course you have! Well, the longer the graphic designer spends recreating your ideas, the more money you are losing by not having those perfect designs on your website! Look for a time delivery promise in the designer’s website. Some need a week, some 72 hours and some dedicated designers only need one to two days! You can tell the dedication of a designer by the time in which they promise to get drafts back to you.


Some designers are scandalous! They re work old designs and flog them to you as new and original designs. When considering a graphic designer, make sure that they offer an integrity pledge that you can trust in. Opt for the 100% money back guarantee that will ensure you are not being hoodwinked.


Nothing says “confidence” than customer testimonials. Take your time to read through the designer’s website to search out the testimonials. These are comments on all of the above points and will give you a true and accurate picture if the company you are choosing to use.

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