The Choke Chain Or the Chain Dog Collar

So you have a dog that just won’t stop pulling- no matter what you do or how you train them, they continue to pull (and pull hard) when being walked. You have even decided you will no longer take your dog out walking because the pulling is just too much to handle. If controlling your dog while on a leash has evaded you for what seems like the entire time you have had him/her, a chain collar or choke chain is what you need.

For those unfamiliar with a chain collar, remember that this type of collar is specifically used for training purposes (for pulling on the leash) and is not what your dog should be wearing as its permanent collar. While some do in fact use it in this regard, Copper kettle if you do the proper amount of research, you will find that it is discouraged. Ultimately, for a pulling dog on a leash, you need to maintain control while walking and that is what the chain collar was designed for.

Chain collars are available at different prices and in different sizes. You can buy one for small, medium and large breeds both online and at most major pet supply shops. Typically, the chain is nickel and chrome plated to prevent rusting and breakage. Once you purchase one, there should be no need to get another- they last forever.

When using a chain collar for the first time, you will be amazed at the effect it has on your dog. While there isn’t a guarantee your dog will never pull again (if it’s that rabbit in the field they want, not very much will stop them!), if used correctly, it can be extremely effective in discouraging the persistent pulling.

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