Teaching Your Dog to Take a Bow

Teaching your dog new tricks can be fun and sometimes quite entertaining to see your dog do things like turn around, shake your hand, roll over, take a bow, and many more tricks.In this article you will learn take a bow. Hopefully if you are reading this article your dog has already learned the basics of dog training by learning commands like sit, lay down, come, and stay. If not your should go back and teach them because they will be the basis for many tricks that your dog will learn later.

A tip before getting started

Always be positive when you are training. Your dog will always respond better to rewards like treats and back rubs rather than yelling at them when they do not follow your command.How to teach dog to roll over Instead always be patient and remain positive because you dog will learn much better and both you and your dog will have a better experience. While teaching your dog try to keep training sessions to about ten minutes or so because your dog will most likely lose interest if it is any longer. Also never punish your dog for not doing it wrong, just reward him when he does do it and when he doesn’t, give him nothing and do it again.

Take a bow

There are two ways that you can teach your dog to bow. Both methods work, try to find the one that is best for your dog.First method is to reward him when ever he takes a bow on his own. Because your dog does this naturally he will do it a once and a while. For example when your dog first wakes up in the morning and stretches it will look like he is taking a bow. It is when he puts his head and front feat on the floor and leaves his behind up. So every morning when your dog wakes up and does it say “take a bow” and then reward him. After some time just say “take a bow” when he first wakes up. If he does then he has learned it and you can ask him to do it any time. This method can take a ton of time depending on the dog. It could take a week, a month, or over a year.

Second method he might learn a lot faster than the first method because you can practice it more. In the second method you will help your dog learn it. Start out by standing or kneeling in front of your dog and getting his attention. In this trick you can leave him in the standing position. Hold a treat in your hand so your dog can see it. Then pull the treat down to the floor under his nose. Most likely your dog will then try to lay down. To stop him slip your hand under his stomach towards his back legs to keep his behind up. Now he should be in the bow position, so say ” take a bow” and hold the treat there for a couple of seconds. Lastly tell him to get up and reward him for his task with the treat in your hand.

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