How to Uninstall DirectX

DirectX is a framework or technology that was developed to help Windows compute the various graphical and audio requirements that a lot of the games and resource intensive software applications have. When you use any sort of graphical program inside Windows, it’s using DirectX… and if that means that there are errors caused, you need a way to fix this problem or uninstall DirectX from your computer. Here’s what you need to do.

The first method to fix DirectX issues is to reinstall this software. To do this, you should look on the Microsoft website for DirectX downloads and then download the installer for the version of DirectX that will run on your PC. You should then open up the file that’s downloaded onto your computer and then let it install. This will replace the version of DirectX that you have on your PC with one from the Internet, allowing your computer to recover from most of the problems.

If the first method does not work, then you should try reinstalling the game or application that requires it to run. dx11 feature level 10.0 download Fortunately, the games that run on your computer often come bundled with a version of DirectX that they will run smoothly on, allowing you to reinstall the game and allow the installer to update the DirectX files with all the latest compatible ones that are on your PC. Many people find this fixes the problems they are seeing with DirectX.

If reinstalling or updating DirectX does not work, you should look to uninstall the software from your PC. This can be done with a series of third party tools which have been specifically designed for various versions of DirectX. Fortunately, you can use these tools to remove the various runtime files that DirectX has, allowing you to put a new version of the software onto your PC to make it run better. This is quite easy with these tools but is also very risky.

After you’ve done what you need, you should always clean up your system with a “registry cleaner”. This is a software tool which stores information and settings for all the software on your PC, allowing your computer to read all the information it needs whenever it needs it. The registry stores a lot of settings for Windows, and it’s vital that you keep this database running as smoothly as possible by cleaning out any of the damaged or corrupted settings that often end up inside it. You should download a registry cleaner and let it fix any of the damaged settings that are inside the registry, boosting the speed and reliability of your PC. This will also stop many the DirectX errors from coming back.

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