How to Build Your Own Cat Scratching Post

If you are not interested in purchasing a scratching post, you can build a suitable post just as easily. In this article I will show you how to build your very own scratching post in five simple steps and with limited materials. It is a fun project for the day, or can be turned into a weekend project by adding all sorts of luxuries for your cat.

You are free to add whatever do-dads you want to after, it all depends how handy you are.

Let’s take a look at what we need to have to build this masterpiece…


oWork Gloves


o A round wooden post, 25-35″ tall, and at least 4″ in diameter. (make sure that the post is dry, so it does not warp after it is nailed in)
o A roll of Sisal Rope (200′), this should be at the very least ¼” thick. (max about ½”) The thicker it is, the longer it will last. Also, you want to look for non-oiled sisal rope.
o A sturdy, thicker piece of plywood. Should be a little over half as wide as the poll is tall. So for a 30″ tall post, you want at least a 16″ by 16″ base.
o You will want some very thin, how to cut cat nails with human clippers small nails to nail the sisal rope into place. I recommend wire nails, ½” or 1″ both work great. If you have any nails similar to these at home, you can also use them.
o For securing the base to the post, you will need five framing nails. Anything used for framing, I’m not
much of a handyman and I just use whatever is around. Just make sure the nails are long and thick enough to make the post well secured to the base.

That is about all for materials for a bare minimum scratching post.

If you want to turn this into a weekend project instead of just a one day thing, you can get anything you would like…

For example, You can use another piece of plywood as a perch on the top. You can buy some carpet and staple it to the base. You can use any left over sisal rope and dangle it from the perch with a weight on the bottom.

Really, the options are unlimited. I recommend you look around at other scratching posts and take ideas from there.

But I am getting off track here; let’s get back to actually building it. We can decorate the post later.


1. Have all of your tools and materials laid out. Cut the post or plywood base to size if you need to.
2. Hammer the sisal rope around the top of the post with wire nails.
3. You may want to use your work gloves here – wind the sisal rope around the post as tightly as you can with no spaces all the way to the bottom.
4. Like before, hammer in the sisal rope around the bottom of the post with wire nails.
5. Stand the post up and center in on your base (plywood). Flip it over and hammer in five framing nails through the plywood and into the bottom of the post.
6. Enjoy it as is, or add anything you would like!

This is now a usable and enjoyable scratching post for your cat!


You can use the training tips mentioned in my other articles to get your cat to use it. And that is that. You can do what you wish with your newly built scratching post.

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